Friday, October 30, 2009

Elmo cancelled my class

I have one class on Friday mornings at 8am. I got up and went to this one class. Class starts and there are only 7 students there out of 20. My professor cancelled class because there more than half missing. I got up early for no reason. I bet Elmo told all those kids not to come to class just so I would have to get up early. Darn you Elmo, darn you!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elmo got me lost

we got lost in the woods for 4 hours, getting stung by nine bees and getting cuts all over my leg looking for some graveyard. Elmo told us the wrong way to go on purpose

Stole my money

I waited in line at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru for about fifteen minutes on a crazy sunday morning. After finally getting my coffee and driving away, i realize i didnt get my huge chunk of change back.--- that RED handed THIEF.

what a jerk

Either the alarm clock didn't go off or i woke up late. either way, i had fifteen minutes to get ready.. i finally get to school and a guy goes "so, you have an animal or something? you're shirt is COVERED in hair. that's disgusting".

yea, maybe if elmo didn't roll all over it to make me look like a slob.........................jerk


Elmo kills batteries

I listen to music every morning on my walk to class. My ipod is always charged and ready to go before I leave. This morning I went to grab it and turn it on. It wouldn’t turn on. The battery was completely dead! I saw some red hairs on the floor! Elmo must have come in during the night and listened to my music until the battery ran out. If I ever see his face around here, I’ll kick his butt.


Elmo is a thief

So today in between classes , I had a half hour to kill. Since I started to feel a small cold coming on, I decided to run down to the local CVS to grab some stuff to build up my immune system. As I was getting out of my car, I saw two middle aged men trying to break into a car. One of them was trying to use a pulled-apart clothes wire to unlock the car. Of course, I happened to park next to them and one of them looked at me and said “OH NO.. this isn’t what it looks like… we uhh… this is our daughters car… she’s at school…” How could her car be locked at CVS without keys while she’s at school? Did they really think I was going to believe that she walked to school from CVS, which was about 3 miles apart from each other? I instantly asked them if they had triple A. They said no and I continued on with my trip into CVS. When I came out, there was a THIRD man there trying to help them get the car unlocked. Finally, I hear them say “WE GOT IT WE GOT IT!” and I looked down and by the time I looked up, they were GONE!! I’m assuming the car was hotwired (Elmo probably taught them this). Not only that, but this little scenario made me late for my next class. It seems as though Elmo was using his distraction techniques to make me late for class. Now that I think of it, I think I saw him in the locked car evilly laughing. SERIOUSLY ELMO? Next time I see you, I’m gonna punch you in your ugly red face.


Who do you blame?

Having a bad day? Your boss on your case? Have an embarrassing moment? Don’t worry, you can let it out and blame it on Elmo. He’s the one who caused all this turmoil in your day; He’s everywhere—sitting in your boss’ office using his brainwashing techniques, at the local coffee shop plotting to make your coffee wrong, under the hood of your car messing up the engine, at your boyfriends house bribing him to be frustrated with you. Now it’s your turn to get Elmo back! Tell us all about what happened to make your day bad and don’t forget to show Elmo whose boss! After all, he should get what he deserves.

~CandiesandApples and GoldKiteFlyer